Even though millions of people wear jewelry every day, only a few know how to take care of it and preserve their treasures. Here are some basic guidelines to consider:

Remove Jewelry During Tasks – Avoid wearing your jewelry when performing manual tasks such as gardening, kitchen work, cleaning or home improvement. This will prevent your jewels to be exposed to chemicals, water, dirt, etc...

Jewelry comes After Applying Makeup – All chemicals can damage or ternish your jewelry, including the ones in your make-up, perfume, lotion, hair spray, etc... Putting your jewelry after will diminish the damages that they can cause.

Don't Wear Jewelry In Swimming Pools, Spas or the beach – Chlorinated water is aggressive and will react with most of the metals found in jewelry causing color changes and even structural damage. At the beach the sun is your enemy, it will alter the color of your stone.

Store it well – The best way to preserve your jewelry is to store it in its own suedine pouch or box. It will prevent your jewels to damage or scratch each other and will also slow down Silver tarnishing.


We offer a complete care and repair service for our products. Once we get your jewel, we'll remount it on a new thread, and/or clean and polish the Silver. A good way to give your jewel a second youth. Please send us an email and we'll guide you through the very simple process of the care & repair

Care service is available for 29€ in France, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Please contact us for an estimate from any other country.

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Gemstones as well as precious gemstones need some care to preserve their sparkle and shine. To avoid scratching them we suggest you to wash them using a cloth with some 180 proof (90°) alcohol.  


You can find a lot of methods on the web to clean your Sterling Silver jewelry, including somme methods with toothpaste or cold ashes. We suggest to scrub it lightly with a micro-fiber cloth. You can also use a bit of warm water with a splash of lemon juice to better the process.

Sterling Silver will tarnish with time and sweat. This is just how Silver is. For your tarnish jewels, you can make a liquid paste with water and baking soda, scrub lightly and rinse.

Scratched jewels can also be cleaned with a soft cloth soaked with some polishing liquid.


A very common question is: "Can I put my jewel in water?". As a general rule: DON'T.  No matter what the water is (sea, swimming pool, bath, shower, etc...) it is best to avoid it; it is  jewel after all. As it may not damage the jewel, we cannot guarantee it won't.



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