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Dive into the bohemian universe of our new collection: gemstone bracelets that put travel on your wrist. These irresistible jewels are an invitation to escape and speak directly to your explorer soul. Embark with FLIBUSTIER PARIS to this distant Caribbean archipelago, for a colorful dream and the promise of an eternal summer.

The collection draws its origin from the spirit of this unique archipelago, with its intense and turbulent history. It is on one of its islands that Christopher Columbus will take his first steps on the new world. He then discovered a territory that will have served as a haven for many pirates and filibusters... The inspiration was all found, breathed with passion into these colorful jewels. The name Bahamas refers to the Spanish "baja mar", low tide. A bit of calm between the tropical storms and the wild beauty of these lands. Both are perfectly symbolized at the heart of our bracelets.

What makes our jewelry magical... 

In our Bahamas bracelets, the stones are cut into 6 mm beads, for fine and delicate jewellery. Worn alone or stacked on your wrist, they reveal their exotic radiance. From dawn to dusk, the bracelet's evocative hues transcribe natural wonders from elsewhere. Drawing on the riches of the sea and its secrets, this collection celebrates with finesse the power and beauty of the elements. Bracelets are a perfect match between your personality and your desire for new horizons.

Fall in love with the bohemian and summery charm of these exotic bracelets, like treasures discovered on a wild and heavenly beach.

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